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Salazar Geminas app by ShinjiRyuu
Salazar Geminas app

Name:Salazar Gemina  
Nicknames: - Sal
                   - Sally
                   - Solomun (alter personality)
                   - Sol ( alter personality )
Age (in sweeps): 8 sweeps
Blood Caste: Yellow
Symbol: [[ idk how to describe it just look on his app xD]]
Trollian: TwinTerrors  (TT)
Gender: Male
Quirk:  doubles  vowels   " weell ii gueeeess thaats whaat ii haavee too doo theen..aah fuuck iit"

[Fighting tools!]

Strife Specibi: sword kind ' the stinger'
Power: Psiionics , pyrokenisis

[Some things you should note!]

Personality:Salazar is pretty docile and sweet to people around him always very happy and talks quiet abit once you get him going, if you anger him however and threaten his friends he will protect them no matter what the cost.   Solomun his alter persoality is more protective of himself and salazar almost like a big brother, he is litterally at the opposite end personality wise to salazar as he is more distant and hesitant to socialize with others but will do what ever he has to for them to survive.

-Yaoi and anything and all things yaoi related
- Shipping others together 
-cream puffs
-ginger beer

-Slime pies
-Garden gnomes
- ogres (shrek imparticularly)

-drawing yaoi and ships
-practicing his psiionics
-training with his sword

<>: open
<3: open 
<3<: open
c3<: open

[Let us learn something about you!]


Salazar when he was a little grub lost his lusus to illness, and had to fend for himself, after countless attempts on his life by larger creatures ending with beatings and bruises caused him to develop dissociative identity disorder letting his alternate personality dominate at times to cope with his surroundings.  sweeps passed and for the most part he lived on the on the streets along with some of his moirals ocassionally staying over at his friends house refusing offers to move in with them as he felt like a burden. Salazar is currently travelling with his friends and due to unique circumstances he seemed to have ended up on the rampage taking part in this tournament unsure of what will come from it.
Klaus and baby natalie by ShinjiRyuu
Klaus and baby natalie
 Aw man i missed drawing this guy, i decided to draw him  holding his daughter nat when she was still a baby babble :)   klaus means the world to me as much as lee, it  was because of him i took the leap outta line arty /grayscale tones into the world of coloured comics, and to that, i thank you klaus.

here  have a look back with me at that time :

What oc’s do you hold dear to you and why ? :D

Alas, duality fell through and i didn't make it past round one, so lee has been changed into a NPC, for the time being i'm going to take my mind off that for a while and work some things while i'll lick my wounds (lol, obviously i'm not the best loser)

When i was younger and in school, i was what you would call a "that one odd kid that sits in the corner by themselves" and i would draw, what i would draw? comics.
I was in love with stargate SG1, and a lot of other small shows. it was my own lil perfect AU, and i think  i'm gonna dig them up, and redraw them digitally for shits and giggles. So yeah be on the look out for that.

In other news something on a slightly bigger scale, i am indeed planning out and scripting out another nuzlocke, but before i jump in drawing i'm  gonna make sure i have everything planned out.

Eventually over time i'll get back to duality and work on what happens to lee, but in the mean time , i'm gonna have some fun with different things. so yeah, keep your eyes peeled o3o.



ShinjiRyuu's Profile Picture
Ryuu Shinji
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I am Artist born and bred , i've been drawing ever since i was little, and started drawing digitally for pretty much a year now, so please don't rip into my work too badly ^^ i'm still learning and i know that there is always room for improvement :)

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